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Hi! My name is Adrien D. Pouliot and I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of Skyport International Services Inc.

Our company was founded in 1991 by a Quebec entrepreneur, Mr. Ian Smith.  A persevering visionary, Mr. Smith has grown Skyport to make it a leader of the motor coach industry in Quebec.  In 2007, the company was acquired by Draco Capital Inc. which intends to continue to nurture the company’s growth in the future.

Our company’s success rests on three beliefs which guide our actions.  First, we believe that we are there to serve our customers and to fulfill their requirements with transportation solutions that are adapted to their needs and that are efficient, comfortable and safe.  Our success depends on our customers and our customers are our raison d’être.  We will thrive if we are able to offer them the best value for the money and to help them proactively be successful.  We constantly strive to meet their expectations and fulfill their needs with efficiency, care and professionalism.

We also believe that each member of our company is important and contributes to the success of the firm.  Each member plays an important role in our success.  We carefully select talented individuals who have a great attitude and we strive to create an atmosphere where they can develop their abilities and competencies.  We treat each individual with equity, respect and dignity and in the same way as we would like to be treated.

Finally, we strive each day to build an organization where all the members will be proud and happy to work.  We foster a team spirit and an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.  Our organization adheres to high standards of ethics and integrity.  We want to continuously improve and to be an organization that produces high quality in a productive and efficient way.

We have a vast array of solutions to your transportation needs which you will find in our web site.  If you want to charter one of our coaches, click on “Charter” and “Estimate Request” and we will gladly and promptly provide you with a solution that meets your request.  If you want to make a reservation for our Mont-Tremblant Express line, just consult “Mt. Tremblant Express”.  You need transportation for your convention?  Just click “Convention Services” and “Estimate Request”.  For a City transport solution, consult that tab.

Finally, if you want to join our team, as a driver or as a mechanic, go to “Company”, career section and send us your resume by e-mail.

I hope our web site will help you understand who we are and I urge you to contact us if you need more information.

Adrien D. Pouliot
President and Chief Executive Officer

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